A House by the Crossroads

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“Rooms for rent in the attic.”

It all started with this advertisement.

The perfect place to lay low. Rent it.

Voice had commanded and I obeyed. Over years; it had possessed me. Made me do terrible stuff.I enjoyed it immensely.


 I reached lone house at the end of the road and knocked. The owner was beautiful. Patrician features. Dark hair. Scarred corneas both eyes.

 Blind and beautiful. We will tie her up and strangle her, while you are still thrusting inside.

I got hard.

 A red eyed husky growled at her feet.I backed off. Temporarily.

“I require a room to stay.” She nodded.

Suddenly the Voice panicked. No…No…leave…. I ignored it for the first time in years.


The attic 

  It was stuffy.

  I pushed the shutters open. She was sitting at the crossroad making strange noises.

  The husky lay at her feet. In a ruthless stroke, she smashed its head with a rock. As blood stained the road, she looked to where I stood and gave me a chilling smile.

  My loins throbbed.

 Run. Run now. The Voice pleaded. I refused.


Next night.

I entered her bedroom and stood before her sleeping form. She was naked under the sheets.

I could trace the curve of her breasts. I wanted to bite them.

Suddenly her eyes opened. She spoke in a guttural voice and cast a spell. In a flash, I was at the crossroads. Nude and subservient.

She ravaged me all night. Rode me. Forced my tongue to pleasure her nether parts.I felt violated.

“Help.”I pleaded the Voice.

It was gone.

I woke the next morning bleeding and sore.


But I felt funny.I ran to check my reflection in a puddle. A husky with red eyes stared back at me.

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