About Me

Dr Pallavi Sawant (Uttekar) aka PSU was a Toto-Chan of her school, that little girl who loved to stare the birds chirping on the tree across her classroom rather than study trigonometry. As years passed, regular spanking sessions by the teachers ensured she read ‘what she was supposed to’ and not what she wanted to.  Her well-wishers managed to knock sense into her and made her pursue medicine (which she is very good at). But then in spite of her busy practice and lousy continuous medical education programmes, she missed something in her life.

After a few years, that something came blooming out of her heart and she wrote her first story. Her stories are quirky (just like her, who enjoys referring to herself in 3rd person), tad unbelievable and totally entertaining (read them if you don’t believe me). Encouraged by the response to her scribbles, she went on to publish her stories in anthologies which have been well received (knock on the wood).

Her stories have found place in anthologies that include :

Hawk’s flight by ArtoonsInn, Tea with a drop of honey, The second cup of tea, 21 stories for 21, Rewind, #Love by Hive.

This website is her personal space, where she plans to update all her writings including short stories, travelogues, poems, book reviews, nature pictures, and so much more.