Gaia’s Wrath

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That night, terrible tremors shook the world. Humans huddled close inside their houses. The world shook for two minutes and a deathly calm followed.


“How long will we be here Gaia*?” A mother bird asked. Her deformed chick limped under her wing.

Plants and animals huddled close, frightened. They were under the tectonic plates of earth. Gaia had kept them safe.

They had suffered enough.

“We will see…those impertinent humans need a lesson. They thrust a plough through my body, in name of cultivation. They pillaged my womb in the name of mining till I opened up for them. As if all that was not enough they then created plastic. That light footed devil choked my rivers, suffocated my fish and poisoned my wild life. They polluted my air, in name of progress.Now let them eat, drink and breath their own creation.


“Where were the trees? Where were the birds?” they all wondered.

Vast expanse of concrete stared at humans, lifeless and forlorn. The world looked like a giant graveyard.

The soil had disappeared, the exposed rocks looked naked and bruised.

The temperatures soared without trees.By noon,the coolers refused to work at such high heat.

The water bodies lay dry. The human waste and plastic lie in its place rotting, without the water to wash it away.

“ Mother, I cannot breath..” Kids choked in the smog..

The car engines heated up and caught fire on the roads, as humans ran from pillar to pole.

A mother was carrying her toddler on the road, begging for some water. As she fell, Gaia’s heart melted.

She started weeping at the mother’s plight…and rains followed…humans gathered on the road ecstatic…

“Had they learnt their lesson?” Gaia thought as she sadly looked on..

Glossary :

Gaia : Greek nomenclature, the spirit of Mother Earth.

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