The Wormhole

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ME 14 was panting in the tunnel. He tried so hard to find the Wormhole. His clan males were lying defunct-shocked microchips.He had to visit the Shaktis that haunted his programmed dreams.

His thoughts drifted to his origin. Manufactured in lab-they all were now by mitosis, memories of his forebearers reprogrammed in his brain chip. Sometimes the chip-SOUL malfunctioned, presenting vivid imagery of his previous birth, before a great wormhole opened and sucked away all ‘Shaktis’, leaving this place an all male dystopia.Their trainer believed Shaktis still existed in another realm of the wormwhole.

He craved female companionship, his SOUL drove him crazy with imageries of soft hands bathing him, feeding him morsels, hugging him, holding him at night, dreams of rings exchanged and tinkering laughter,left him wanting and lonely. Echoes of his past births….

He lived with his 20 clan men in a brown box .They were programmed once a week,not to kill the other. Their hormonal glands surgically removed at birth to tame their aggressiveness ,as no motherly hand tended and moulded them anymore. They had infusions of chemicals to survive and energise.Once a week, they were given multitude of shocks in brain, evoking languid, glorious sensations. His chip and clan men recognised it as Pleasure, though it left him empty and bereft at nights.

Yesterdays sitting of shocks caused him to finally remember the location of wormhole from past memories. He approached the Main controls of the machine and increased shock potential for other clan men and caused their chips to shortcircuit.

He ran all way though snow and exhausted as Pheidippides, crashed on ground at the tunnel. As he closed his eyes, he finally saw the light at end of the tunnel where the Shaktis stood smiling and waiting for him.

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