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The Mantra

The insanity didn’t just run in my family. It had ambled through, taking time to know each of us personally. My brother with his schizophrenia, my mother with her addictions, and I the bipolar middle child completed a holy trinity

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       Her favourite fountain pen made a satisfying scratch as she titled her “t” in flourish.       She casually turned the paper around.      She stared in dismay!! One question remained unanswered…panicked, she tried to scribble something…. the examiner snatched away the paper..Nooooooooo…

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A Mother’s love

7th October 2003 Anagha gazed at her husband’s photo on the wall. It had been ten months since she lost him to cancer. “Yogesh, I hope you understand why I am doing this. It was the only solution to our

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The Pharaoh’s Heir

The High Priestess lit the incense and inhaled its deep, pungent smell. She was at the temple of Amun’Ra, King of Egyptian Gods. She washed and cleaned the idol with the sacred water from the Nile. As the air turned

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