Those sweet things..

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When you toil in kitchen for hours,

And make his favourite food

You know the salt is too much,

But he still says it is good.


Your daughter makes you a portrait,

Your nose is flat and mouth droops

But you still smile and say,

Hey, that’s just how I look


Your MIL buys a shirt FIL loathes,

The fit is poor and the color drab

His friends at the senior club snigger,

But he carries it for her, saying its fab


I make most feel good,

About themselves or another,

What’s bad in keeping peace,

As long as you don’t hurt the other


I always bring in smiles and whoops,

Unlike truth, that snarky guy

Still they badmouth me

The poor pretty little white lie.


  1. Loved this poem. Made me smile. So many white lie make life so much sweeter. I compliment the simplicity of your poem. Sinple uncomplicated words made it sweeter.

  2. Can relate to your expression. White lies, though lies do bring a smile and spread happiness.
    Then is it a lie at all

  3. The truth brought out so well with such simplicity. So many white-lies surround us all the time, yet we happily continue with them 🙂

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